About Us

Eclosion 本是一个科学术语,意为"化茧成蝶"。作为亚裔父母,我们植根于传统,同时也和孩子们在新环境中一同成长。我们盼望着扶助孩子们跨越个性局限,走出文化封闭,打破刻板印象,培养领导能力,拥抱这个自由的国度所应许的机会与挑战。我们团队的名称正是反映了对孩子们的殷殷期望,和作父母们的拳拳之心。

Eclosion is the scientific term for (butterflies) emerging from cocoons. As Asian American parents, we grow with our children in a new environment, while rooted in our rich traditions. We look forward to helping our children overcome personal limitations and cultural barriers, break social stereotypes, develop leadership skills, and embrace the challenges and opportunities in this land of freedom.